Introducing New ACCESS-allocated Resource Integration Options

An image of a board meeting with a tablet in the foreground with ACCESS branding

ACCESS has introduced three new resource integration options for ACCESS-allocated resource providers (RPs):

  • RPs can now deploy on their compute resources an ACCESS OnDemand Portal, which provides researchers with remote web access capabilities from any device, anywhere. A list of resources with OnDemand Portals is available at Researchers can obtain help using OnDemand by opening a ticket at RPs can obtain help installing and configuring OnDemand by opening a ticket at
  • RPs can now use ACCESS Identity and Access Management (IAM) services to authenticate users accessing local services.
  • RPs can now obtain DNS subdomains in order to create and manage their own host and service DNS records under that subdomain.

These three new integration options are described in improved resource integration instructions (a.k.a. roadmaps) that are newly published at:

This content was provided by the ACCESS Integration Roadmaps Working Group

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