Resource Providers

Advancing Innovation with ACCESS Resource Providers

Resource providers are at the center of ACCESS, making research possible for the diverse community ACCESS serves. Our providers share cyberinfrastructure resources and the expertise of data experts with the researchers and scientists who request allocations. This symbiotic relationship, supported by other areas of the program, makes scientific discoveries happen.

ACCESS-integrated Allocated Resources

ACCESS resource providers offer a wide range of cyberinfrastructure assets available for use. Some of the many resources in the ACCESS portfolio include:

  • Compute resources – High-performance computing clusters (GPU and CPU based) accessed by logging in to front-end nodes. Researchers can install their application software and run batch computing jobs under a scheduler on these resources.
  • Storage resources – Data storage systems for storing and managing large amounts of data.
  • Cloud resources – Cloud infrastructure where researchers can launch and run virtual machines.

ACCESS Resource Providers

As of 03/01/23

Indiana University (IU)

Johns Hopkins University logo

Johns Hopkins University (JHU)

National Center for Supercomputing Applications logo

National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA)

Open Science Grid logo

Open Science Grid (OSG)

Open Storage Network logo

Open Storage Network (OSN)

Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center logo

Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center (PSC)

Purdue University logo


San Diego Supercomputer Center logo

San Diego Supercomputer Center (SDSC)

Stony Brook University logo

Stony Brook University

Texas Advanced Computing Center logo

Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC)

Texas A&M University logo

Texas A&M University (TAMU)

University of Delaware logo

University of Delaware

University of Kentucky logo

University of Kentucky

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