An image of a brightly colored pinwheel under blue skies. The pinwheel, a small lawn ornament that catches the wind and spins, is meant to convey the idea of extremely local weather, like the weather in your backyard.

Micro Meteorology

Researchers at Columbia University use ACCESS resource Anvil from Purdue’s Rosen Center for Advanced Computing to help predict the extremely local weather of your neighborhood.

A man and a woman standing in between supercomputers - cyberinfrastructure concept

Building Cyberinfrastructure for Everyone

Researchers from Colorado’s Earth Lab and Environmental Data Science Innovation & Inclusion Lab (ESIIL) use an Explore allocation in an innovative way – their goal is to expand the availability of HPC resources to researchers who normally find them out of reach.

A robot hand holding a light - AI concept

Teaching Robots New Tricks

Utilizing ACCESS resource Bridges-2, researchers at Carnegie Mellon University’s Robotics Institute have found new approaches to efficient robot AI training