Promotional Resources

ACCESS has made it easy to share information about the terrific opportunities the program offers researchers. Here are some of the materials we’ve created for you to share with anyone who could benefit from cyberinfrastructure resources at-no-cost.

Annual Report Booklet 2024

A mockup of the printed ACCESS booklet. The booklet is on a wooden table.

Just in time for PEARC24, the new ACCESS yearly highlights booklet for 2024 is available for download to share. The program’s second highlights booklet contains an overview of ACCESS achievements from Project Year 2 (PY2), plans for the coming year and science stories covering the broad variety of research ACCESS helped enable.

Single Page Flyer 2024

ACCESS branded flier with surface-level information for conferences, events and potential users. Download this file to print independently or share digitally.

Annual Report Booklet 2023

An image of the ACCESS booklet on a sun-drenched desk.

ACCESS has just debuted its annual report of information and accomplishments at SC23. The first yearly highlights booklet about ACCESS includes letters from each of the principal investigators (PIs), science stories covering the broad variety of research ACCESS helped enable and a brief summary of each of the service teams’ efforts and plans for the coming year.

ACCESS Pocketbook 2023

An image of the ACCESS pocketbook, floating over a teal circuit board.

If you’re looking for material that gives a brief overview of what ACCESS is and what each service team is in charge of, we have a smaller pocketbook available as well.