Executive Council

The ACCESS Executive Council comprises the principal investigators (PIs) of ACCESS awards as primary members, several other ACCESS award senior personnel as secondary members or observers and ex officio members including the NSF ACCESS Program Officer. Its purpose is to effect top-level coordination and governance among all ACCESS awardees to ensure high operational efficiency and user-centric performance of the collective ACCESS resources for the benefit of the scientific and engineering (S&E) research and education community. The Council is also meant to prepare ACCESS-wide communications (such as annual community reports) to the S&E research and education community supported by the ACCESS awardees covering progress on activities over the year, science highlights and project-specific plans for the future.

The ACCESS Coordination Office (ACO) has facilitated the creation of an agreed-upon charter and meeting cadence, provides coordination services for in-person and online meetings, tracks the Executive Council membership and prepares and disseminates meeting minutes among the members. The ACCESS Executive Council meets on a regular basis as defined in the Charter.

External Advisory Board

The ACCESS External Advisory Board (EAB) is an essential group of advisors that provides the ACCESS Executive Council with advice on the services and resources provided by the ACCESS program awardees. The EAB comprises 11 members, nine of whom are elected via an open nomination process, one who is the chair of the ACCESS Resource Provider Forum and one from the ACCESS Researcher Advisory Council (with a backup). NSF-cognizant program officer for the ACCESS program is an ex-officio observer. The members represent the broad S&E and cyberinfrastructure (CI) communities served by ACCESS. The Board is guided by a formal charter and relevant operations procedures in consultation with and approval from all members of the Executive Council. The EAB meets four times per year, three virtual and one in person.

If you’re interested in future opportunities with the EAB, please reach out to us to express your interest. We’re always looking for people willing to contribute and offer their expertise to the program!